Offsite Backups – Protect Your Data From A Disaster

It’s a fact of modern life that backing up data is essential to prevent a data disaster. Still, something like one-third of computers are never backed up, according to 2,257 respondents surveyed by Harris Interactive. The survey came to the dismal conclusion that a scant 7% of users practice safe computing by backing up their systems on a daily (or nightly) basis.

“It’s pitiful how few people protect their key data,” says Dave Simpson, senior analyst at the market analysis firm 451 Group. “Once it’s gone, it’s gone.” 

There a two standard ways of backing up your data:

OnSite Backup – External hard drive or tape drive with backup scheduling software

OffSite Backup – Sometimes referred to as online or remote backup to the cloud

OnSite Backup keeps a local copy of your data and you can schedule this to take place on a daily basis.  A great way to keep your data safe locally.

OffSite Backup keeps your data safe in the “Cloud” and it can be scheduled to take place on a daily basis.  The key benefit of this service is that protects your data from a disaster (theft, fire, flood, etc.).  Not to mention, when your data is archived to the cloud, it is encrypted.

You never know when a disaster might take place so it’s important to protect your data from loss.  How would you be able to answer these questions: “How long will it take for your company to recover from a disaster?”  “Will you be able to recover your data from a disaster and if so, how long will it take?”  Without an Online backup scheme, more than likely, your answer will be either “I don’t know” or “Recovery will be a miracle”.  With an Onsite backup scheme, you’ll be able to answer that question: “I’ll be able to recover my data in the matter of hours”.

A common trait of most humans is to be reactive instead of proactive and a lot of us learn things the hard way.  INFO-TEK wants to help make sure your data doesn’t fall into a disaster pitfall.  Please call us today to see how we can protect your data.

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